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Community Dental Hygiene Clinic 

One More Reason to Smile

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Teeth Whitening

Take-home and other professional teeth whitening services including Zoom! Whitening. Profesional whitening that over the counter strips can't match. Feel good and look great with a whiter smile. Call us to set-up a free smile evaluation and find out more.

Polishing & Stain Removal 

Polishing your teeth to remove stains, plaque, and tartar buildup can provide a significant improvement to your smile. 

Dental Cleaning

Clean your teeth to remove plaque, bacteria and hardened or calcified plaque build-up (tarter). If not removed this may cause swollen and inflamed gums, and pain and ultimately, loss of teeth. 

Custom Sport Guards

Make the best move of your game. Wear a custom-fitted mouth guard and minimize the risk of tooth and facial injury. Mouth guards can also prevent concussions.

Fluoride Treatments

There are several in-office fluoride applications that will be offered to you depending on the assessment. A fluoride can be applied to strengthen your teeth in the prevention of decay as well as sensitivity.

Children's Hygiene

 Our children's hygiene service is designed with the goal of helping children develop good oral hygiene habits from an early age. Good hygiene habits are important to start early. 

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